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Song Ho Health Center’s Classes in Qigong & Tai Chi Winter to Spring 2017

Dear Friends, Clients and

Fellow Qi Workers,

The secret to establishing a successful qigong or tai chi practice is enjoying spending time with yourself and with nature. During the practice time, you experience your true self—not your identity in life, but yourself as precious spirit, energy and potential.

Experiencing pure energy is intensely relaxing. The softness of qi exercise leads you there. There is no limit to the enjoyment or the quietude. The softer and more relaxed you become, the more you enter into the delicious fullness of being alive.

Qi training methods work at the level of “physical” (where we de-stress) and spirit (connecting to the source of pure energy to nourish life). We learn we can choose quiet moments at will by using the training, which is clear, precise and easy to learn. Relaxing is easier than you think.

If you have never studied with us, please join us for a free first class.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Peggy Li, Qigong & Energy Medicine Instructor


1) Lang Ya 12-Posture Qigong: Tue. 7:30 – 8:30 pm, January 17 – April 4

2) Tai Chi: A Foundation Class: Sat. 9:30 – 10:30 am, March 4 – May 27

Location: Christ Congregational Church, 9525 Colesville Road, Silver Spring 20901


This precious exercise is a signature qigong of Song Ho Health Center. Its attributes include enhancements in flexibility, core strength, energy and posture, and it has demonstrated profound psychological benefits. Nianzu Li is the direct heir to this ancient and previously secret qigong through his mentor, the distinguished Dr. Yangzhong Shang of Beijing. While its earliest history is sunknown, we can trace Lang Ya Qigong back for at least two hundred years. Dr. Shang practiced the qigong devotedly from age 10 when his parents sought an answer to his poor health. In old China, this kind of training was thought crucial for a weak and ailing child.

Our students quickly find that chronic pains of the back, neck, and shoulders yield to its various movements, stretches, and special breathing techniques. It strengthens the internal organs and calms the mind. As you become adept, you feel and see a renewal taking place from the inside out. Of note, of all the many qigong styles we have taught throughout the decades, we have received the most reports of relief from depressive states through Lang Ya Qigong.

Often we cannot find sufficient answers to the problems of low energy, poor health and negative emotions, unaware that faithful practice of a beautiful exercise like Lang Ya Qigong can be life-changing. All negative states reflect that one’s qi is blocked and deficient, the very condition that the serious qigong student can correct. All organ states correlate with specific mental states, a founding concept in Chinese medicine.

The various names of the exercises evoke the natural imagery typical of Taoist qigong, such as: Loosen the Pillar of Heaven (adjusts and lengthens spine, directs more energy to the brain), Black Turtle Wags Its Tail (strengthens kidney function and lower back), Red Bird Stretches Its Wings (opens chest and benefits heart), and White Tiger Springs from the Forest (clears lungs and sinuses). Master Li, with assistance from Peggy Li, translated the “secret words” from the original Chinese into English for students. They not only describe each posture (movement), but they reveal the wisdom and depth contained in the ancient practice.

The original form is executed while cross-legged. Li has created two easier versions—in regular seated and standing forms. Please view part of the original form on YouTube, filmed with a backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains. Keep in mind: all qigong is adapted to each person’s ability, which changes over time.


Students will thus gain at least two ways to practice Lang Ya Qigong in Twelve Postures--three if you can sit cross-legged. Li will share his practice tips, including which single postures to use in brief moments during the day to keep energy moving and your mind more calm and clear. At the end of a long day, how great is it to know you can sit down to exercise? This peaceful practice is a perfect prelude to a good night’s sleep.

Students should bring a mat, blanket, or thick bath towel for floor sitting (optional). For chair- or stool- sitting, you need bring nothing to the first class. A DVD with all three versions of Lang Ya Qigong in Twelve Postures is included in the fee of this 12-week course. (Independently, the DVD sells for $40.)

Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm, January 17 – April 4; Fee: $250 (includes DVD). We ask that you register in advance.


Tai chi, the flowing, graceful, slow motion exercise, is among the most famous of China’s traditional disciplines. Numerous clinical studies have proven tai chi increases stability and significantly reduces falls among seniors. Avoiding frailty and instability at any age is crucial to health. The greater self-awareness and strength cultivated through tai chi practice leads to confidence and greater ease in daily activities.

One develops natural grace with beautiful posture, balance and coordination. Instruction will emphasize core principles by which we realize these fruits of practice. Lacking a foundation, movements become a poor imitation of the real thing. In this 12-week course, we will learn:

• How to lower your center of gravity, key to stability and fall prevention • The cause of and fix for “two left feet” (incoordination) • Classic circle exercises for flexibility, lightness and joint health • Individual tai chi movements suitable for “snackercise” (exercise in small bites) • Deceptively simple training techniques that naturally lead you to tai chi’s meditative aspect • Guidance on knee care and adjusting the practice to your personal fitness level • A ten-posture choreographed routine that elegantly integrates all the training methods

Saturday 9:30–10:30 am, March 4 to May 27 (no class April 15); Instructor: Peggy Li; Full course: $222; Half course: $130 (any six) $23 per single class. The optimal learning experience comes with full participation. Half course and per class options are made available for special or review needs. Please call Peggy Li with any questions. A DVD for home practice is available for purchase. We ask that you register in advance.

Register for a course by mailing a check and name, email address, and phone numbers to the center. Or call 301-625-4801 to charge the fee to your credit card. Please note: classes are held at the Silver Spring location given on page one. We thank you and greatly look forward to having you in our classes.

Song Ho Health Center • 805 Winhall Way • Silver Spring, MD 20904


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