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Song Ho Health Center’s Classes in QIGONG

Spring to Summer 2017

Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Qi Workers,

Qigong exercise (which includes tai chi) is the modern name for ancient Chinese healing movements that are slow and soft and guided by a serene mind. The secret to establishing a successful qigong or tai chi practice is enjoying quiet time with yourself and with nature. During the practice time, you experience your true self—not your identity in life, but yourself as precious spirit, energy and potential.

Experiencing pure energy is intensely relaxing. The softness of qi exercise leads you there. There is no limit to the enjoyment or the quietude. The softer and more relaxed you become, the more you enter into a healing state and the sweetness of feeling whole and alive.

Qi training methods work at the level of “physical” (where we release energy blockages), mental (stepping away from the world to de-stress) and spirit (connecting to the source of pure energy to nourish life). We learn we can choose quiet moments at will by using the training, which is clear, precise and easy to learn. Relaxing is easier than you think.

If you have never studied with us, please join us for a free first class.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Peggy Li, Qigong, Tai Chi & Energy Medicine Instructor

Schedule in Brief

1) Sunshine Qigong: Tue. 8:00 – 9:00 pm, May 2 – July 11

2) Soaring Crane Qigong: Tue. 6:45 – 7:45 pm, May 2 – July 11

3) Hua Shan Qigong: Thur. 10:30 – 11:30 am, May 11 – July 6

Location: Christ Congregational Church, 9525 Colesville Road, Silver Spring MD 20901

SUNLIGHT QIGONG with Master Nianzu Li

From air, water, food, things and people (including people and images on television and movie screens), we contact and absorb many different kinds of qi, positive and negative. Each individual blends these various substances and frequencies into a perpetually changing state of body and mind. Fortunately, for us, early Taoist philosophers and doctors of Chinese medicine knew and demonstrated that by boosting the positive, we can hold the negative at bay. (We have to choose the positive!) Here is a famous saying from the earliest medical literature:

“Fu zheng qu xie,” which means: Support the positive (healthy qi, or immune function). Dispel the sickness qi (weakness and pathogens).

It is all about balance, and each of us has far more power to enhance the positive than we usually assume or imagine.

Sunlight Qigong’s special focus is to connect the practitioner to that supreme positive energy that makes all life on earth possible—the sun. In human life, solar power correlates with vitality, warmth, strength, heart-energy, maturity and joyfulness. The expansive, gathering movements of Sunlight Qigong collect all the beneficial qi of nature, satisfying a fundamental principle and goal in qigong—to increase our positive qi. We have a clear opportunity to build and refresh our personal positive qi, especially in spring and summer. This is the “gong” (work) of qi-gong.

Nianzu Li, a practitioner and teacher of qigong for over 40 years, has honed Sunlight Qigong over a 10-year span. Some of the demonstrated benefits from our students include: greatly enhanced T-cell counts, improvement in diabetic conditions and disappearance of external growths.

Li draws on decades of qigong, tai chi and Chinese medical experience to transmit these fundamentals: Basic Qi Breathing Methods, Absorbing Qi Method, Qi Self-Distribution, Opening the Master Qi Points, and Creating a Qi Field. Strengthening your qi field is a natural process that is pleasurable, easy to achieve, and protective. Sunlight Qigong is not sunbathing and does not advocate reckless exposure to the sun. Perhaps you will come to love this form as much as Master Li!

Sunlight Qigong: Tuesdays 8:00 – 9:00 pm, May 2 – July 11 (no class July 4); Fee: $200 (includes DVD). SPRING SPECIAL: Previous students of this 10-week course may pay $185. The latest (2017) DVD of this form is included in the fee. *We ask that you register in advance! Thank you in advance.


with Peggy Li

Spring Special: First Class Free!

Learn a complete mini-routine on day one.

This beloved qigong exercise leads the student quickly to the pleasurable experience of the qigong condition, a serene yet awakened state that dissolves stress and fills the body with energy. The form is not only beautiful to watch—the pleasure of performing it is a thousand times greater.

Soaring Crane Qigong effectively opens the joints, which Chinese medicine calls “gateways of qi,” to ease problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, lower back pain and arthritis. Faithful followers report almost immediate improvements in sleep-related problems and anxiety levels. In China, where this qigong is wildly popular, many have reversed heart ailments that were unresponsive to medical intervention. Regular practice makes you feel stronger and more energized. The meditative aspect, inherent in slow, relaxed movement, elevates mind and spirit.

Soft, light movements, some of which resemble tai chi exercise, and gentle stretches mimic the crane moving gracefully in a quiet pond. Mind and movement together activate major acupoints to assist in absorbing nature’s qi and releasing our stagnant qi. In between five short routines, you practice “quiet standing,” to enhance and experience the increased circulation of vital energy. The serious student will reverse the condition of cold hands and feet, one sign of what Master Li calls “sub-health.”

This qigong has endurance. In my (Peggy’s) 30 years of practice, I have never been bored. Imitating crane-style movements, the qigong way, creates an inner retreat you can enter daily—no need to wait for vacation time. There are many happy, longtime practitioners of Soaring Crane Qigong in our area. Come see why! I happily invite you to experience moving like a crane.

Soaring Crane Qigong: Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:30 pm, May 2 to July 11 (no class July 4) Fee: First class free. Remaining course (9 more classes): $165; Drop-In fee $22 Beginners are encouraged to sign up for the entire course for full benefit and experience. A Soaring Crane DVD is available separately. *We ask that you register in advance! Thank you in advance.


(Also known asTaoist Yoga)

Hua Shan Qigong was once the secret treasure of China’s imperial families who sought to maintain beauty and youthfulness. Also known as Taoist Yoga, it incorporates “dynamic stretching” and expansive movements, making it somewhat more vigorous than many other qigong styles. Hua Shan Qigong comes from the famous Taoist School in the sacred Hua Shan Mountains of China. Bian Zhizhong, a student at the Taoist temple in his childhood, introduced the exercises to the public in the latter part of the 20th century. One of the more well known of the set, Swimming Dragon, is a beautiful, sinuous, no-impact aerobic exercise used for weight loss and body shaping. (Both men and women look good doing it!)

Healthy hormone levels come from healthy glands (thyroid, pancreas, adrenal glands, etc.), and Hua Shan Qigong helps to normalize their functions. We learn in class how this works. All bodily functions depend upon the promptings of hormones produced by the endocrine system—their tasks are enormous. You can use this qigong to:

• Improve grace, centeredness, and balance • Adjust metabolism • Boost the body’s oxygen levels • Help prevent or reverse bone loss • Reduce stiffness • Hydrate the skin • Restore a more youthful appearance • Correct impotence • Enjoy exercise

Our students have used Hua Shan Qigong for fitness and weight loss, to overcome infertility, reverse impotence and rebalance the thyroid gland. We know they work. Hua Shan Qigong is engaging and energizing; and they are as playful as they are healing! You will still be able to experience the tranquil, wonderful, I-feel-so-alive qi condition, unduplicated by other exercise. This is a popular course, valuable at any age. It is never too late—and rarely too early—to rejuvenate.

Hua Shan Qigong: Thursdays 10:30–11:30 am, May 11 to July 6; Fee: $165; $22 per single class. The optimal learning experience comes with full participation. A DVD for home practice is available separately. *We thank you for registering in advance.

How to Register: Mail your check along with your name, email address, and phone numbers to the center. Or call 301-625-4801 to charge the fee to your credit card. We thank you and greatly look forward to having you in our classes.

Song Ho Health Center • 805 Winhall Way

Silver Spring, MD 20904 • 301-625-4801

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